Choose the size of the warehouse

which satisfies your needs

You have no basement?
Or, perhaps, company stuff get control over you? is a perfect alternative for your cramped basement or a mini warehouse for your company.
Containers in which you can fit everything!


Rent yourself extra space tailored to your needs
for rental in Zielona Gora

We offer the rental of a large number
of self-storage warehouses (24/h) in Zielona Gora

We guarantee attractive prices and a high level of security.
Choose the size of the warehouse
which satisfies your needs

Advantages of warehouses for rental

We have all safety standards in place. The warehouses are monitored and under 24/h protection. We focus
primarily on maximum security so that our customers are satisfied with the services offered.
see our detailed offer.

see our detailed offer

24/7 access


Monitored facility


Rental time tailored to your needs


Flexible pricing


Convenient location


Storage area from 3 to 12 m2


Paved surface

You need extra space for things that “still come in handy” or which you only use seasonally? Maybe you are in the middle of a major renovation, moving or planning a longer trip abroad and it is not profitable to rent an apartment during that time just to keep your things in it? In such situations, warehouses for rental work perfectly – they guarantee not only additional self-storage space, but also security, privacy and the comfort of use.

Self-storage warehouses in Zielona Gora

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a private garage, a spacious basement or an attic – these facilities very often apply only to single-family houses, although this is not the rule. It also happens that the quantity of our things exceeds considerably the capabilities of our home storage compartment. Renting an additional, self-storage space for storing your belongings in this case is a very convenient solution. Self-storage is not only a way for convenient space management, but also the so-called decluttering of the house. How many of us keep equipment and various items in our closets that will surely come in handy, but not now? And when it comes to looking for a particular thing – we are lost in a fast-moving mess. Thanks to self-storage warehouses for rental, we will put our house, business or car in order. In our containers you can store clothes, furniture, white goods and audio-video appliances, bicycles, motorcycles and boats, merchandise for trade, tools or documents! The area of self-storage warehouses is under 24 h monitoring, making your belongings safer than at home!

How to use self-storage containers?

After signing the agreement and paying for the first month in advance (or a shorter period – the minimum rental time is two weeks), the customer gets the key to the container and can start using the warehouse. Due to the selfstorage nature of the boxes, the customer can use them around the clock – you can bring or take your belongings at any time of the day or night. A great convenience is a well-lit area with a paved road, on which cars can move freely. The entire area dedicated to self-storage is monitored around the clock.

Our offer is characterized by flexible rental time tailored to the needs and plans of the customer. Self-storage boxes are available in four sizes – 3, 6, 9 and 12 cubic meters. Such a choice will allow you to choose the right container for the sizes and quantity of the stored items. Self-storage also entails certain restrictions resulting from the rules of use, safety or law (the tenant is prohibited from storing toxic, flammable, organic and illegal substances, such as drugs or weapons).


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